Product customization in online orders in the example of Jet tenders Configurator

Product customization in online orders in the example of Jet tenders Configurator

Have you ever created the Supercar in the Configurator, picking colors and different details? If not, you don’t have to. After all, why fantasize about the car, when you can create your own jet tender.

Our new project premium segment jet tenders manufacturer Agilis Jettenders is an innovative Configurator for creating a boat individually for each client. Thanks to coordinated teamwork, we found a solution to speed up the change of colors, and put it into practice. What is its innovation?

First of all, it is the speed of change. You choose your favorite color, and in less than a second the tender is painted in it. You can design your own jet boat in just a few minutes without waiting for the color-changed image to load.

Secondly, it is convenience and clarity. The Configurator is divided into four sections: interior, exterior where you can choose colors for each part of your tender, options where you can add innovative devices and useful accessories, and summary where you can view the overall look of the tender and selected features. Throughout the process, you can see how the price of your tender changes to see if you are out of budget.

Thirdly, it’s an opportunity to save your tender to share with friends or make some adjustments later. You can save a PDF file or a link to it, which can be modified or added later.

Try our super-functional Configurator following the link, maybe your product lacks just such way of online customization:

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